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Adult Coloring Books For Stress Relief

adult coloring book

I’ve been watching the adult coloring book trend with much interest, but I haven’t given it a try, yet.

It’s easy to understand why people would find them so helpful and fun. Not only is it a simple creative activity, but it can promote mindfulness, as well.

This weekend I’ll pick up a book and see how it feels.

Have you bought an adult coloring book? If so, can you recommend any particular book you enjoyed?

Tech Insider has more via the link below.

“The latest trend has adults around the world picking up crayons and filling in the lines in an effort to zap stress. Eight of the 20 top-selling books on Amazon right now are adult coloring books with names like ‘Stress Relieving Patterns’ and ‘Balance.'” – Madison Malone Kircher

Source: Bestselling adult coloring books gain popularity for stress relief – Tech Insider

Amazing Video Brings Old Photographs To Life


I don’t have a lot of info on this video, but it was created by Alexey Zakharov and it somehow animates old photos. The effect is truly jaw-dropping – as if you’ve stepped back in time.

Have a look below and let me know if you agree.

Thanks to Fubiz.

Wellness Wednesday: Over 30 Tips To Increase Your Creativity


This week’s “Wellness Wednesday” tip comes from the folks at Greatist, and it deals with a topic I’m trying to work on in 2016 – being more creative.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid creativity was a much bigger part of my life than it is now. Well into my teens I was always drawing, writing, making up stories and such, but somewhere in my twenties I lost the urge to create.

Well, I’m determined to take steps to improve this aspect of myself, and so I was happy to find the article below.

The Greatist team has collected over thirty ways to be more creative, including easy activities such as daydreaming and writing something (anything!) by hand.

Have a look at the creativity suggestions via the link below and let me know if you can add to the list.

“We already know being creative can make us happier and healthier. But while we may think of creativity in terms of writing a novel or painting a masterpiece, experts say it can really mean anything from trying a new recipe to submitting an original idea during a meeting.” – Greatist Team

Source: Increase Creativity With These Quick Tips | Greatist

5 Websites That Can Make You Smarter

computer,home office

The quest for self-improvement never ends, and we’re always searching for resources that can help us along that path. Thankfully, the internet allows us to access the most brilliant and mind-expanding thinkers and creators who ever lived.

Today, I want to share five of my favorite places on the web for intellectually stimulating and inspiring ideas. Please feel free to share your own favorite resources in the comments.

Five Wonderfully Intelligent Websites

Brain Pickings – Essential for anyone interested in art, literature, philosophy, and science.

Open Culture – As the name implies, this is a treasure trove of culturally important resources – all free and open to anyone with an inquisitive mind.

National Geographic – Yes, the legendary magazine of  world culture is still going strong in the 21st Century.

Mental Floss – Consistently excellent articles on a variety of subjects.

Atlas Obscura A surprising source of little-known cultural facts.

Photo via pixabay

Favorite Photos of the Week – Ending 9-26-15


If you’re looking for beautiful images, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve collected the most jaw-dropping photos I spotted this week, and I can’t stop admiring the work of these talented photographers.

Which photo is your favorite?










Geek Alert: Minimalist Posters For The Original “Star Trek” Episodes

This made my day.

Graphic designer Mark Gonyea has created striking posters for all 78 episodes of the original “Star Trek” TV series.

My favorite of Mark’s designs is the one for the Star Trek episode titled “Mirror, Mirror”.

Check out the posters via the link below.

2 | All 78 Original “Star Trek” Episodes, Rendered As Minimalist Posters | Co.Design | business + design

Best Book Covers Of 2014


I love the creativity and imagination of great book covers. You know, the type of cover that’s so intriguing you just have to pick up the book and at least skim the first page.

Past Magazine has compiled some of the most outstanding book covers that graced the shelves in 2014.

Check out the covers via the Tweet below, and let me know which is your favorite.

Image via pixabay.com