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25 Ideas That Could Change Your Life

Many thanks to Dr. Damon Ashworth for the inspiration!

Damon Ashworth Psychology


    jesus-in-taiwan-372790-unsplash.jpgA Japanese term meaning “improvement”.

    I think of Kaizen as ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘continual change for the better, one small step at a time’, as this is how I first heard of the term.

    A lot of the successful Japanese manufacturing companies in automobiles and technology have used this exact approach to obtain massive success over time.

    What could you achieve if you just focused on taking one small step in the right direction today, and then another one every day after that?


    luca-iaconelli-242679-unsplash.jpgGandhi did not say “Be the change you want to see in the world” even though it is often attributed to him. What he actually said was this: 

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies…

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Impermanence – Eternally Existing and Dissolving

Whatever your spiritual / philosophical beliefs, you can discover priceless nuggets of life-changing wisdom in Buddhist teachings.

Thanks to Neurodivergent Rebel for the thought-provoking post 🙂

Neurodivergent Rebel

Everything comes into being and then dissolves.

Whenever you encounter suffering in your life you don’t have to worry because nothing lasts forever. This suffering is not permanent. Facing your fears becomes easier because you begin to realize that fear too is temporary.

Every pain and discomfort becomes much less of an obstacle because you realize your time of suffering is limited.

You learn to be grateful for the little things because you look at them as if they are already over. Like a shiny new teacup that is already broken. Each joy in life, no matter how small, is a blessing.

When we waste our time longing for tomorrow we miss the beauty that could have been found in today.

Life’s fleeting moments, the little pleasures, a sunrise, a friendly dog begging for a belly rub, colorful fall leaves, and the smell of fresh spring flowers, become more valuable.

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