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New Art From Nicky Barkla

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Just wanted to share this jaw-dropping artwork from the talented Australian artist, Nicky Barkla.

As you can see from the images below, Nicky has a passion for modern cultural icons, which she imbues with a trippy style all her own.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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Oil on canvas | Keith Richards

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New art | Dots and lines

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Artist Creates Amazing Portraits With Cassette Tape

bob dylan,art
Erika Iris Simmons

If you’re over the age of thirty you probably have boxes of old cassette tapes lying around – I know I do.

Well, if you’re wondering what possible use those tapes could have in the age of digital music – here’s your answer.

Behold the art of Erika Iris Simmons. Above you can see Erika’s portrait of Bob Dylan, and you can check out more cassette tape art at the link below.

Source: Magnificent Cassette Art by Erika Iris Simmons | Inspirationfeed

Public Radio’s Best In-Studio Performances Of 2014

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If you’re a music-lover then I’m sure you’ll want to check out a post over on npr.org. The article has 16 live performances in high quality video that were featured on National Public Radio (USA) in 2014.

Here’s a snippet from the post –

“Every year, public radio stations across the nation invite musicians of all stripes to perform live in their studios. When these sessions are captured on video, they invite us to experience the intimate energy the artists bring to a small-scale live performance.” – NPR

via Watch Public Radio’s Best In-Studio Performances Of 2014 : NPR.

5 Fun And Interesting Websites You Might Not Know About

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Looking for some fresh websites to visit in order to kill a few minutes or find cool stuff to share online? Yep, I know – aren’t we all?

I’m always on the lookout for great content that might slip past the hordes of other Tweeters, Plussers, and Facebookers. Today I’m sharing five of my favorite online destinations for interesting, funny, or just plain entertaining articles and info.

Check out my list below, and (as always) add your favorite in the comments.

5 Fun Websites

  • Web Urbanist – Art, Design, Architecture, Travel, Photography
  • Lost at E Minor – Off-Beat News, Art, Street Art, General Weird Stuff
  • Happy Place – Humor, eCards, Off-Beat News, Satire
  • Geekologie – Movies, Comic Books, Art, Gadgets
  • Inhabitat – Eco-News, Design, Photography, Architecture, Travel

image via pixabay.com