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Breathtaking landscape photography


Thanks to amazing photographer Johannes Hulsch!

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Dramatic Cliffs of Moher.

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Spring is on the way.

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Are You Mispronouncing These 24 Place Names?

Last week I shared a post about how to correctly pronounce unusual foods, and now today’s lesson focuses on places with tricky names.

The Mind Circle has collected 24 hard-to-pronounce cities, countries, and locations from around the world everyone should be able to say correctly.

Some of the places include:







See if you’re saying these names correctly via the link below.

Source: 24 Place Names You’ve Probably Been Mispronouncing Your Whole Life

Meet Belgian Street Artist Bart Smeets


Diving Dog Mural / Photo by Karen Dillabough

If you frequent art and culture websites you’ve probably seen the work of Bart Smeets, who’s renowned for his massive murals.

Although I was familiar with his street art, I really didn’t know much about Smeets until I read a recent article on The Culture Trip.

Learn more about this extraordinarily creative artist (and see his greatest works) via the link below.

“Street art. This form of visual art has quite a unique affinity with Belgium, as there are many murals to be admired among the main metropolises in the country. But how much do we really know about the artists behind these fantastic creations?” – Vasiliki Boukouvala

Source: Spotlight On Belgian Street Artist Bart Smeets

Video: 100 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel


In case you weren’t aware, 500px (The “px” stands for “personal expression” – not sure about the “500”) is home to some of the most stunning photography you’re likely to behold.

For a little taste of the images you can find on the site check out the thirty-second video below, featuring 100 of the best travel photos.

Are any of these locations on your travel plans?

Amazing Video of Daredevils Street-Skating In Barcelona

Screenshot / StreetArtGlobe

In celebration of  “International Women’s Day” I wanted to share this amazing video of young women in Barcelona, Spain creating stunning art with their bodies and their environment, and their breathtaking skill.

Believe me, you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Special kudos go out to the videographer who captured this amazing (and dangerous) performance. Thanks to StreetArtGlobe for sharing the video.