Wellness Wednesday: Over 30 Tips To Increase Your Creativity


This week’s “Wellness Wednesday” tip comes from the folks at Greatist, and it deals with a topic I’m trying to work on in 2016 – being more creative.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid creativity was a much bigger part of my life than it is now. Well into my teens I was always drawing, writing, making up stories and such, but somewhere in my twenties I lost the urge to create.

Well, I’m determined to take steps to improve this aspect of myself, and so I was happy to find the article below.

The Greatist team has collected over thirty ways to be more creative, including easy activities such as daydreaming and writing something (anything!) by hand.

Have a look at the creativity suggestions via the link below and let me know if you can add to the list.

“We already know being creative can make us happier and healthier. But while we may think of creativity in terms of writing a novel or painting a masterpiece, experts say it can really mean anything from trying a new recipe to submitting an original idea during a meeting.” – Greatist Team

Source: Increase Creativity With These Quick Tips | Greatist