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Amazing Video Brings Old Photographs To Life


I don’t have a lot of info on this video, but it was created by Alexey Zakharov and it somehow animates old photos. The effect is truly jaw-dropping – as if you’ve stepped back in time.

Have a look below and let me know if you agree.

Thanks to Fubiz.

Bucket List: Skellig Michael – The Irish Island

Skellig Michael
Photo By Jerzy Strzelecki via Wikipedia

If you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens then I’m sure you’ll recall the stunning island in which the big reveal at the end of the movie took place.

The name of the island (really just a rock jutting out of the sea) is Skellig Michael, and it was famous long before Star Wars.

Thanks to Insider for the gorgeous bird’s-eye view of the island in the video below.