5 Fun And Interesting Websites You Might Not Know About

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Looking for some fresh websites to visit in order to kill a few minutes or find cool stuff to share online? Yep, I know – aren’t we all?

I’m always on the lookout for great content that might slip past the hordes of other Tweeters, Plussers, and Facebookers. Today I’m sharing five of my favorite online destinations for interesting, funny, or just plain entertaining articles and info.

Check out my list below, and (as always) add your favorite in the comments.

5 Fun Websites

  • Web Urbanist – Art, Design, Architecture, Travel, Photography
  • Lost at E Minor – Off-Beat News, Art, Street Art, General Weird Stuff
  • Happy Place – Humor, eCards, Off-Beat News, Satire
  • Geekologie – Movies, Comic Books, Art, Gadgets
  • Inhabitat – Eco-News, Design, Photography, Architecture, Travel

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Remember This While On Your Path

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We’ve all been there.

While on our path to self-improvement it seems like we’re stuck, or maybe not making a dent in those long-range goals.

Well, that’s when we must remember wellness is a lifelong journey and if it seems like we’re not doing anything substantial – it’s still okay.

Remember, every positive action, thought or intention is important – and it matters.


Here are the small things I’ve done recently that I think matter –

I drink more water throughout the day.

I read spiritual teachings or philosophy of the great masters for a few minutes each day.

I walk every day.

I’ve developed a brief yoga practice that I try to deepen each day.

I meditate at least ten minutes every day.

I don’t envy others (or at least catch my thinking when I do).

I remind myself to breathe consciously.

I bought an adult / mindfulness coloring book and work in it a few minutes each day.


What small, positive things have you done that you’d like to share?

Image created with Pablo.


Adult Coloring Books For Stress Relief

adult coloring book

I’ve been watching the adult coloring book trend with much interest, but I haven’t given it a try, yet.

It’s easy to understand why people would find them so helpful and fun. Not only is it a simple creative activity, but it can promote mindfulness, as well.

This weekend I’ll pick up a book and see how it feels.

Have you bought an adult coloring book? If so, can you recommend any particular book you enjoyed?

Tech Insider has more via the link below.

“The latest trend has adults around the world picking up crayons and filling in the lines in an effort to zap stress. Eight of the 20 top-selling books on Amazon right now are adult coloring books with names like ‘Stress Relieving Patterns’ and ‘Balance.'” – Madison Malone Kircher

Source: Bestselling adult coloring books gain popularity for stress relief – Tech Insider

Cute Alert: Baseball Team Rescues Puppy

Photo via Savannah Bananas

Here’s a wonderful little story about an abandoned puppy who found a home in a baseball stadium.

(This story takes place right here in my hometown – Savannah, Georgia. In fact, the baseball stadium shown in the video is only a couple of miles from my house.)

Amazing Art: 3D Sidewalk Murals

Nikolaj Arndt,art, sidewalk art
Art by Nikolaj Arndt

If you’re a fan of hyperrealistic art then you’ll love the work of Nikolaj Arndt. Check out more of Arndt’s work via the link below, courtesy of Urbanist.

“Polar bears, orcas, lions and puppies stick their heads out of holes in the pavement so convincingly, you feel like you could actually pet them.” – Steph

Source: Chalk it Up to Illusion: Hyperrealistic 3D Sidewalk Murals | Urbanist