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10 great ideas for gifts you don’t have to buy

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See the link below for wonderful suggestions for the gift-giving season.

Starre Vartan (writing for Mother Nature Network) offers gift ideas that are meaningful and useful.

“Thoughtful gifts can be experiences, time or even a special after-holiday treat.” – Starre Vartan

Source: 10 ways to give without buying stuff | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Animal-Lovers: Volunteers Crochet ‘Nests’ For Rescued Wildlife


Here’s a story that’s perfect for a cold mid-winter day.

A group of very nice hoomans have banded together to help the most helpless and vulnerable little creatures.

“An animal-loving Canadian named Katie Deline-Ray founded the Wild Rescue Nests nonprofit several years ago as a way to help wildlife rehabilitation centers throughout Ontario. As the crafty project caught on with more hobbyist crocheters putting their skills to good use, it wasn’t long before hundreds of these durable textile nests began arriving in the mailboxes of more than 240 wildlife rescues in 11 different countries.” – Catie Leary

Source: Volunteers crochet ‘nests’ for rescued wildlife | MNN – Mother Nature Network