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Friday Feels: How To Be Happy Illustration


Saw this little drawing on Twitter this morning and thought you guys might appreciate it.

Thanks to @socreativepics 🙂


These Super-Tiny Ink Drawings by Christian Watson Will Make You Smile

christian watson,foxes,drawing
All images courtesy of Christian Watson (1924us)

Don’t you love it when artists give you a fresh perspective on seemingly common things we take for granted? I mean, animals, objects, and even people, can be transformed from mundane to whimsical with just a change in size, color, or shape. It’s really amazing.

That element of surprise is exactly what Oregon-based illustrator Christian Watson does with his tiny ink drawings, which he shares on Instagram.

I’ve seen other miniature drawings similar to these by other artists, but I never grow tired of admiring the skill and patience these works surely required.

Have a look at this small sample of Christian’s work here, and let me know if you have a favorite drawing.

Christian Watson
Christian Watson,drawing
Christian Watson
Christian Watson,drawing
Christian Watson

Source: Tiny Ink Drawings Scaled to the Size of Pencils, Fingers, and Matchsticks by Christian Watson | Colossal

Thought-Provoking Drawings That Will Make You See The World Differently

colored pencils

It’s amazing how a simple drawing or other piece of artwork has the power to change our point of view.

I found a collection of images via the Twitter account Cool Hunter, and they were too interesting to keep to myself.

Check out a sample of these perspective-changing drawings below, and let me know if you have a favorite.

Amazing Art: Insanely Detailed Moleskine Doodles

Kerby Rosanes

I happened upon this series of drawings and thought they were so impressive I had to share.

The pair of drawings posted here are by Kerby Rosanes, and you can see the rest of Kerby’s work at the link below.

Artist’s Description

“”Moleskine Doodles” is a project I started this year with the aim of practicing the skill of drawing spontaneously. Using Uni Pin Fine Liners and a Moleskine pocket sketchbook, this series of illustration features my doodle creatures combined with interesting animals, monsters and other interesting subjects I came across for the past few months.”

art,drawing,Kerby Rosanes
Kerby Rosanes

Source: Moleskine Doodles 2 on Behance

Color Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Nicolas V. Sanchez

cat,ink drawing,illustration
Nicolas V. Sanchez

The creativity and skill of this artist is amazing, and I so enjoyed this article from Colossal. Be sure to check out the entire gallery at the link.

“Artist Nicolas V. Sanchez fills entire sketchbooks with drawings of the world around him rendered in precise color ballpoint. Portraits of families page by page, sprawling scenes of rugged farms and livestock, and near photographic recollections of people and places from residencies in the Dominican Republic and China. Sanchez often explores the roots of his own identity, delving into a bi-cultural upbringing that spans from the American midwest to his family’s rural history in Mexico.” – Christopher Jobson

Source: Color Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Nicolas V. Sanchez | Colossal

Funny Stuff: Chicken Identification Chart

Funny Stuff: Chicken Identification Chart
Image via Jennifer Farley – Laughing Lion Design

What can I say about this illustration by Jennifer Farley? It’s just a great idea and made me chuckle more than a little.

Here’s how Jennifer describes this drawing –

“In a bid to do my bit for city slickers who may be moving or visiting the countryside, (I am one of those), here is the illustrated Chicken Identification Chart.” – Jennifer Farley

Thanks to I Love Charts