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Video: 100 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel


In case you weren’t aware, 500px (The “px” stands for “personal expression” – not sure about the “500”) is home to some of the most stunning photography you’re likely to behold.

For a little taste of the images you can find on the site check out the thirty-second video below, featuring 100 of the best travel photos.

Are any of these locations on your travel plans?

Bucket List: Places On Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real

Screen Shot – Photographs of Nature

If you’re looking to add a few destinations to your bucket list I have a video that could be of help. The folks at the YouTube channel Photographs of Nature have compiled images showing some of the most breath-taking locations around the world.

Even if globe-trotting isn’t on your agenda, the video still offers a lot of interesting info. I also liked how the video clearly identifies each location.

Have a look for yourself and let me know if you’ve already ticked any of these places off your bucket list.