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Paintings that capture the beauty of rain by Mike Barr

Mike Barr

I love rainy days – and if you do as well you’ll love this series of paintings by Mike Barr.

See the full gallery via the link below.

Source: Beautiful Rain Paintings by Mike Barr – Fubiz Media


Amazing Art: 3D Sidewalk Murals

Nikolaj Arndt,art, sidewalk art
Art by Nikolaj Arndt

If you’re a fan of hyperrealistic art then you’ll love the work of Nikolaj Arndt. Check out more of Arndt’s work via the link below, courtesy of Urbanist.

“Polar bears, orcas, lions and puppies stick their heads out of holes in the pavement so convincingly, you feel like you could actually pet them.” – Steph

Source: Chalk it Up to Illusion: Hyperrealistic 3D Sidewalk Murals | Urbanist

These Super-Tiny Ink Drawings by Christian Watson Will Make You Smile

christian watson,foxes,drawing
All images courtesy of Christian Watson (1924us)

Don’t you love it when artists give you a fresh perspective on seemingly common things we take for granted? I mean, animals, objects, and even people, can be transformed from mundane to whimsical with just a change in size, color, or shape. It’s really amazing.

That element of surprise is exactly what Oregon-based illustrator Christian Watson does with his tiny ink drawings, which he shares on Instagram.

I’ve seen other miniature drawings similar to these by other artists, but I never grow tired of admiring the skill and patience these works surely required.

Have a look at this small sample of Christian’s work here, and let me know if you have a favorite drawing.

Christian Watson
Christian Watson,drawing
Christian Watson
Christian Watson,drawing
Christian Watson

Source: Tiny Ink Drawings Scaled to the Size of Pencils, Fingers, and Matchsticks by Christian Watson | Colossal

Amazing Pics: Top 20 Portraits on 500px So Far In 2016

It is snowing… by Sergey Piltnik on 500px

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of artistic photography and I love to share especially jaw-dropping examples I happen upon.

Today I was delighted to see a collection of outstanding portrait photography on one of my favorite sites, 500px.

Above, you can view one of the portraits, which 500px claims was one of the most popular on the site in 2016, so far.

If this is the type of thing you’re into, then have a look at the full collection via the link below.

“Discover the most amazing portraits shared on 500px so far this year. 20 photos striking in their composition, lighting, drama, and so much more.”  – D.L. Cade

Source: 500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible Stories » The Top 20 Portraits on 500px So Far This Year

Thought-Provoking Drawings That Will Make You See The World Differently

colored pencils

It’s amazing how a simple drawing or other piece of artwork has the power to change our point of view.

I found a collection of images via the Twitter account Cool Hunter, and they were too interesting to keep to myself.

Check out a sample of these perspective-changing drawings below, and let me know if you have a favorite.

Amazing Art: Videos To Fire Up Your Inspiration


There’s something fascinating about watching art being created, don’t you think?

I mean, watching an artist at work is almost like magic – as in a thing of beauty suddenly emerging out of thin air.

I wanted to share three short videos that capture that brief moment of artistic magic, and perhaps inspire you to create your own mini-masterpiece.

Thanks to Street Art Globe.

Favorite Portrait Photos of the Week – Ending 10-10-15

Dark by Katy Sendza on 500px.com


(Edit: After publishing this post I realized the links to the photos on 500px don’t work. I’ll try to add links as soon as I can.)

Please visit 500px.com for more beautiful portrait photos.

Really, is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly captured portrait by a talented photographer?

Many thanks to the wonderful photographers and their stunning models, and to 500px for allowing me to share their work here.

Do you have a favorite photo among the ones I selected?

Alisa by Oleg Ermak on 500px.com


Intense look by Pepa Serrano on 500px.com


urban stories by George Delimosis on 500px.com


Portrait by Maxim Maximov on 500px.com


yearningly by jacky liebe on 500px.com


Masha by Георгий Чернядьев (Georgy Chernyadyev) on 500px.com


Favorite Photos of the Week – Ending 9-26-15


If you’re looking for beautiful images, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve collected the most jaw-dropping photos I spotted this week, and I can’t stop admiring the work of these talented photographers.

Which photo is your favorite?