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Do you know about these 6 ‘healthy’ eating habits you are better off giving up?

You might be better off ditching these trendy “healthy”
eating habits.


Back pain? Here’s a 20-Minute Low-Impact Workout

Good info for everyone with back pain (see link below) –

“Sitting at a desk all day. An extra-hard workout. Sleeping the wrong way. There are plenty of things we do every day that can cause back pain and soreness. Working out might seem like that last thing you should do, but this quick, low-impact workout can help alleviate the pain.” – Greatist

Source: Back Pain Relief: A 20-Minute Low-Impact Workout | Greatist

Questions About Coffee and Health


If you’re a coffee-lover, then you’ll want to read the article below from The New York Times.

The article was posted online May 12, 2015.

“Coffee does not appear to be associated with poor health outcomes — the opposite is true.” – Aaron E. Carroll

Source: Questions About Coffee and Health: We Have Some Answers – The New York Times

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