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Star Trek art by Nicky Barkla

star trek,art,painting
Nicky Barkla

Enjoy 🙂




Geek Alert: Minimalist Posters For The Original “Star Trek” Episodes

This made my day.

Graphic designer Mark Gonyea has created striking posters for all 78 episodes of the original “Star Trek” TV series.

My favorite of Mark’s designs is the one for the Star Trek episode titled “Mirror, Mirror”.

Check out the posters via the link below.

2 | All 78 Original “Star Trek” Episodes, Rendered As Minimalist Posters | Co.Design | business + design

Star Trek – Predicting The Future Since 1966

Star Trek - Predicting The Future Since 1966

I’ve always been a Star Trek fan, and this pic perfectly sums up one of the things that made the original series and spin-offs so cool – the tech. I remember playing with toy “communicators” when I was a kid and wondering if we’d ever have something like that in my lifetime. Little did I know…

(Note: The first pic should say “1993” – not “1973”.)

What’s your favorite thing about Star Trek?

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