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These 7 mantras will help you not take things personally


Sometimes I allow minor interactions with people to bring me down.


Because I feel they didn’t treat me the way I should be treated.

But then I remember how other people treat me has absolutely no importance in the long run and I alone control my response.

Check out the post below from hackspirit.com for more inspiration.

Wellness Tips: Leo Babauta offers 6 practical ways to practice being present


One of the blogs I return to on a regular basis is Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits, which has been dispensing wonderful advice for several years.

All valuable skills take time to develop.

In a recent post, Leo reminds us that being mindful is a practice – that is, it’s like any other skill – it takes time to develop.

Check out a snippet from Leo’s post, and for the full wealth of helpful tips see the link below 🙂

“A Small Regular Practice. Form the simple habit of meditating for just two minutes a day (to start with). After you wake up, simply sit comfortably and try to focus on your breath for two minutes. When (not if) your mind wanders, just notice it and label it “thinking.” And gently return to the breath, without harshness. Set a timer, and when the timer goes off, you’re done! If you feel like expanding it by a minute every week or so, feel free to do so, but you don’t have to expand. The benefit of this regular practice is that you learn skills you can take and practice in other parts of your day.” – Leo Babauta

Source: 6 Practical Ways to Practice Being Present : zen habits

The past has no power

eckhart tolle

Yes, the sentiment Eckhart Tolle (pronounced TOE-Lay) expresses in the quote above is a variation of the timeless advice of Buddhism and other teachings, but it bears repeating.

Here’s what I’m going to do this weekend.

Every time I notice my thoughts drifting to some event or experience from the past I’m going to use Tolle’s well-worded counsel as a mantra. I’ve been experimenting with this type of thought-control technique recently and it’s helped ease anxiety when it arises.

Do you have a favorite mantra-like phrase or affirmation?

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Video: These Japanese Minimalists Own Almost Nothing

Watch the 90 second video at the link below.

Thanks to Quartz.

Contemporary trends in minimalist environments are catching on in Japan. In fact, some core tenets of minimalism fuse seamlessly with traditional Japanese culture. Check out the video above to meet some hard-core minimalists in Japan and learn why they choose to live a pared-down life.

via These Japanese minimalists own just a few material objects and have never felt freer — Quartz