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Do you know the five traditional branches of yoga?


Here’s a nice infographic that might help you choose the type of yoga that’s right for you.

Thanks to Daily Cup of Yoga 🙂

Source: The Five Traditional Branches of Yoga [Infographic] | Daily Cup of Yoga


Wellness Tips: breathe deeply


Passing along some helpful advice I spotted over coffee this morning. See link below 🙂

“Practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing for as little as five minutes a day has been reported to have a substantial affect on the improvement of our over all health.” – Conscious Panda

Source: 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop and Breathe Deeply

Try These 8 Yoga Moves For A Complete Core Workout


Looking for a challenging, but not too complicated, yoga workout?

Check out the sequence from Rina Jakubowicz at Mind Body Green at the link below.

Rina offers eight moves that engage the whole body – along with tips to make the workout even more badass, if you’re up for it 🙂

Source: 8 Great Yoga Moves For A Complete Core Workout – mindbodygreen.com

Breath Awareness: A Step-by-Step Guide


Passing along a wonderfully helpful article that explains the nature of breathing awareness, courtesy of Yoga International. 

“There are many good methods of concentration bequeathed to us by our predecessors in Zen. The easiest for beginners is counting incoming and outgoing breaths. The value of this particular exercise lies in the fact that all reasoning is excluded and the discriminative mind put at rest. Thus the waves of thought are stilled and a gradual one-pointedness of mind achieved.” – Zen master Yasutani-Roshi (1885-1973)

Source: Breath Awareness: A Step-by-Step Guide to This Simple Yet Profound Practice | Yoga International

Cute Alert: Yoga Girl And Her Pet Goat

Rachel Brathen

This is officially the cutest thing I saw today.

Meet Rachel Brathen and her pet goat Penny Lane.

Rachel is an internet-famous yoga instructor and author based in Aruba, and Penny is Rachel’s yoga partner.

It seems Penny was a gift from Rachel’s husband, and Rachel quickly discovered the little goat wanted to join her when she practiced yoga.

Check out the video below for proof.

Note: I tried to convince my cat to do yoga with me, but it didn’t work out 😦

You can read more about Rachel and Penny at Bored Panda.