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HOLMBERG: Giant Asian pet turtle loose in a Chester swamp? Probably not.

Someone photographed a giant turtle in a Virginia swamp. Experts can’t identify the species.

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CHESTER, Va. (WTVR) — So what was that thing in the old James River channel swamp in Henricus Park?

On Tuesday, CBS-6 showed you the mysterious monster turtle lingering among the turtle-rich swamp beside the massive coal-fired Dominion power plant near Dutch Gap.

It was photographed by Brent Cavedo, who visits the wildlife habitat every day during his dinner break to relax and take photos.

“I thought maybe it was a snapping turtle,” he added. “But the back was like a big M shape. And I thought, ‘what is this guy?’”

Based on his photography and wildlife experience, he guesses the turtle was 6 feet long from its bug-eyed snout to the end of its whiplike tail.

J.D. Kleopfer, herpetologist with the state Department of Game and Island Fisheries saw our story and the photo we sent.

“First thought, my gut instinct was: big snapping turtle,” he…

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