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Health Tips: 12 spinach recipes you should try

healthy eating

I seriously need to eat more spinach 🙂

Let me know if you try any of the spinach recipes below (from Jaymi Heimbuch at Mother Nature Network).

9 vegan sushi recipes for International Sushi Day — Metro

Vegan sushi and seaweed saladToday (18 June) is International Sushi Day. If you think you need fish to make sushi then it’s time to think again. Vegan sushi is delicious, healthy and easy to make. Here are 10 recipes for vegan sushi if you fancy having a go: 1. Avo hand rolls Find out how to…

via 9 vegan sushi recipes for International Sushi Day — Metro

Wellness Wednesday: 49 Delicious and Healthy Avocado Recipes

Okay, since it’s around dinner time I thought I’d find some healthy recipe ideas – and bam! Greatist has just what I need.

Kate Morin has a wonderful collection of recipes using one of my favorite foods – the versatile avocado.

Check out the recipes below and let me know if you’ve tried any.

10 Super-Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

green smoothies
Photo Credit: Heather Hammond/Flickr

Finding a simple, healthy recipe that also tastes great is one of my favorite things, so (of course) I’m gonna share it with you guys.

If you haven’t visited Lifehack.org recently, let me tell you they’ve posted some helpful health tips and food ideas.

Today I’m sharing some advice from Jay Hill, who lists ten of his favorite healthy breakfast suggestions.

Have a look below, and let me know if you have any other breakfast ideas.

“Do you desperately want a healthier start to your day, but are too tired and busy to even think about putting together a fancy, nutritious breakfast in the morning?”  – Jay Hill

Source: Quick And Easy: 10 Healthy Breakfasts That Beat Cereal