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Wellness Tips: Mindful people do these 7 things differently


Looking for bite-sized morsels of wisdom and spiritual inspiration?

The site hackspirit.org offers regular posts on topics ranging from meditation to healthy lifestyle advice, and everything in between.

Below is a nice little collection of mindfulness tips from the Hack Spirit team that I found helpful.

Check out the mindfulness tips and let me know what you think.

“I’m sure you’ve heard before: “Live in the moment and you’ll be happy.” But as true as this statement is, it’s not exactly easy. How are you meant to live in the moment when your mind won’t stop?” – Hack Spirit

Source: 7 Things Mindful People Do Differently – Hack Spirit

Cultivate gratitude


It’s a bit of wisdom sages and spiritual teachers have handed down for millenia, and it’s as true now as it ever was –

A mind of gratitude is essential to becoming an evolved, thoughtful and spiritually awakened human being.

Sometimes, I struggle with carrying out this timeless advice, but I’m developing the habit of silently expressing thanks for another day and the opportunity to improve.

Here’s a little tip I found helpful – write an affirmation on a slip of paper that you can glance at several times a day to remind yourself to be grateful for being alive.

Try this phrase or make one up yourself –

Thank you for this day and for the opportunity to help others.

What piece of spiritual advice has helped you grow as a person?

Motivate the Mind – The Body Will Follow


Every moment is precious.

The last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot about the power of the mind and the need to control one’s thoughts in order to grow mentally and spiritually.

By “control” I mean resisting the urge to let my mind wander to foolish, time-wasting activities that distract me from true growth (Facebook, anyone?)

So…what to do, what to do?

This week I’m eliminating as many irrelevant, trivial distractions and use that gained time to focus on things that matter.

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits recently offered some thoughts on inspiration and becoming a better person that you might enjoy (link below).

Here’s a sample –

“If you take a positive step, like going for a walk, you feel pretty good about it. That gives you the inspiration to eat a healthy meal. Now you’re cranking out emails and important tasks. You’re motivated to take care of yourself and turn your life around, so you start paying attention to sleep. You start flossing. You try some meditation. You feel great!” – Leo Babauta

The Downward & Upward Spiral of Health & Productivity – Zen Habits



Remember This While On Your Path

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We’ve all been there.

While on our path to self-improvement it seems like we’re stuck, or maybe not making a dent in those long-range goals.

Well, that’s when we must remember wellness is a lifelong journey and if it seems like we’re not doing anything substantial – it’s still okay.

Remember, every positive action, thought or intention is important – and it matters.


Here are the small things I’ve done recently that I think matter –

I drink more water throughout the day.

I read spiritual teachings or philosophy of the great masters for a few minutes each day.

I walk every day.

I’ve developed a brief yoga practice that I try to deepen each day.

I meditate at least ten minutes every day.

I don’t envy others (or at least catch my thinking when I do).

I remind myself to breathe consciously.

I bought an adult / mindfulness coloring book and work in it a few minutes each day.


What small, positive things have you done that you’d like to share?

Image created with Pablo.


Wellness Tips: 21 Affirmations In 21 Days


Happy weekend everyone!

I spent part of this morning perusing the articles on Daily Cup of Yoga and found the one below to be especially thought-provoking.

Being honest, until very recently I never bought into the notion of affirmations as a legitimate tool for self-improvement.

However, now I’m gradually coming around to see how we can harness the power of our intentions to lead happier lives.

In the article linked below, Silvia Mordini offers her favorite daily affirmations to help us think positively about our situation, whatever it may be.

Looking for a quick, two-minute read loaded with good advice? If so, check out Silvia’s article and hit me up with your thoughts 🙂

“In Yogic philosophy, you become what you think, you create your own reality from the inside. That’s why we can upset ourselves just by entertaining demoralizing thoughts or catastrophizing what can go wrong.” – Silvia Mordini

Source: 21 Affirmations to Transform Your Life | Daily Cup of Yoga