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Enjoy The Best Underwater Photos Of 2015


Two of my favorite things combined – nature and stunning photography.

Thanks to Kate Groetzinger and Quartz for curating beautiful images (link below).

“Every year, the best photos taken in rivers and oceans around the world are honored in the UK’s Underwater Photographer of the Year contest. Awards span eight categories that reward photographers’ ability to capture everything from intimate portraits of marine wildlife to vast seascapes.” – Kate Groetzinger

Source: Explore the world like a fish with the best underwater photos of the year

Photos That Show The Charm Of City Life


Is it okay to be a nature-lover and have a fondness for the simple pleasures and excitement of city life?

I certainly hope so because that describes my mindset when it comes to urban vs. country life.

As a reminder of what city living has to offer I’ve collected a few of my favorite urban-themed photos.

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.




coffee shop,city


All photos courtesy of Pixabay / Creative Commons


Most Spectacular Nature Photos of 2015

Image credit: Royal Society Publishing/Claudia Pogoreutz

If you love nature and great photography then you’ll enjoy this collection.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the wonderful images.

“The winners of Royal Society Publishing’s inaugural photography competition have been announced, and they’re extraordinary.” – George Dvorsky

Source: These Are the Most Spectacular Nature Photos of the Year

Favorite Portrait Photos of the Week – Ending 10-10-15

Dark by Katy Sendza on

(Edit: After publishing this post I realized the links to the photos on 500px don’t work. I’ll try to add links as soon as I can.)

Please visit for more beautiful portrait photos.

Really, is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly captured portrait by a talented photographer?

Many thanks to the wonderful photographers and their stunning models, and to 500px for allowing me to share their work here.

Do you have a favorite photo among the ones I selected?

Alisa by Oleg Ermak on

Intense look by Pepa Serrano on

urban stories by George Delimosis on

Portrait by Maxim Maximov on

yearningly by jacky liebe on

Masha by Георгий Чернядьев (Georgy Chernyadyev) on

Favorite Photos of the Week – Ending 10-3-15

Once again it’s time to share the most stunning, unique, and captivating photographs I found this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Thanks to all the talented photographers – and