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Free Stuff: 4 Hours of Chill Music by Moby


Looking for music perfect for when you’re reading, meditating or just relaxing?

The award-winning electronic music writer/performer, Moby, has created a playlist you might like.

Check out the tracks below, courtesy of Spotify.

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Listen Now: Tycho – Apogee (RJD2 Remix)


Need something new to listen to?

The track below is a good example of the type of music I listen to most often. I first heard the artist – Tycho – on a Spotify playlist and eventually bought a few of their tracks.

How best to describe Tycho’s music?

I guess it falls under the “ambient”or “chill electronica” label. In other words, Tycho’s perfect for those times you simply want to relax, or (like me) need something that pairs well with reading.

Anyway, I just discovered Tycho has an extensive track list on SoundCloud, so if you like what you hear below you have lots more tracks to check out.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Music Website Lists The Top 10 Rock Songs About Ireland


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2015!

I just wanted to pass along an article from listing the greatest rock songs about the Emerald Isle. Do you realize how many great songs mention Ireland in the lyrics?

I have to admit, several of these songs about Ireland were new to me. Check out the link below and let me know what you think.

Celtic folk singers have been chronicling the Emerald Isle’s history and traditions for centuries, so the Top 10 Rock Songs about Ireland can only cover so much ground. Still, classic rockers have sung about everything from the land’s natural beauty and wonderful cities to Irish folk heroes and the struggles for a united Ireland. – Bryan Wawzenek

via Top 10 Rock Songs About Ireland.

Photo via pixabay