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Health Tips: Stop Dieting And Other Surprising Advice

“Everyone collides with the medical system at some point in their lives. As health reporters with a combined decade of experience on the beat, we encounter it every single day.” – Julia Belluz and Sarah Kliff

No more dieting, and 7 other things we do differently after reporting on health care – Vox.

Health Tips: Why You Should Follow Directions When Microwaving Food

Microwave meals are not “ready to eat”. Make sure you follow cooking directions to avoid food-borne illnesses.

“Microwave standing time is part of the cooking process,” the report said. “Consumers should not only follow instructions for microwaving, but should also allow the product to stand for the recommended time before consuming,” the CDC said.

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Maintain Work-Life Balance By Exercising – Study Shows

Can a regular exercise routine help you control your work/life balance?

“The idea sounds counterintuitive. How is it that adding something else to our work day helps to alleviate stress and empower us to deal with work-family issues? ” study researcher Russell Clayton, an assistant professor of management at Saint Leo University, said in a statement. “We think exercise is a way to psychologically detach from work — you’re not there physically and you’re not thinking about it either — and, furthermore, it can help us feel good about ourselves.”

via Exercise Could Help You Maintain Work-Life Balance, Study Shows.