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9 Hilarious Buzzfeed Posts About The Holidays

snowman,snow,Christmas decorations

Just wanted to share a few brilliantly crazy (and/or interesting) posts from Buzzfeed that you might’ve missed. I tried to rank this list according to the number of guffaws they elicited from me. If you’re bored maybe can help bring a chuckle or two.

For the cat-lovers out there – if you only have time to check out one of these posts make sure it’s number 7 – “19 Cats Who Are Completely Over Christmas”.

Let me know if you have a favorite Buzzfeed holiday post.

Top 9 Buzzfeed Posts About The Holidays

  1. 20 Truly Horrifying Vintage Holiday Recipes
  2. 10 Techy Updates To Your Favorite Childhood Toys
  3. 16 Family Christmas Photos That Are Full Of Win
  4. 49 Thoughts You Have When You Go To Catholic Midnight Mass On Christmas
  5. What Is The Most Christmas Book Of All Time?
  6. 17 Christmas Decorations That Will Make You Feel Like You Need To Take A Shower
  7. 19 Cats Who Are Completely Over Christmas
  8. 18 Dogs Who Want You To Get In The Christmas Spirit
  9. 6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas


Homer eats snails and Lisa plays the accordion in strange and beautiful Sylvain Chomet The Simpsons couch gag

Need a chuckle today? Watch this ‘Simpsons’ parody by French animator Sylvain Chomet.


Sylvain Chomet has created the most strange and beautiful couch gag for The Simpsons yet.

Starting off as a normal couch gag with the Simpsons sitting down to watch TV, there is a blackout, and when the lights are switched back on everything look very different indeed.

The Oscar-nominated French director, the brains behind The Illusionist and The Triplets of Belleville, brings the Simpsons family into his odd world, which sees Homer eating snails and Lisa rescuing a goose from becoming fois gras before it is devoured by the family dog.

A French-speaking Marge tries to locate Maggie and Lisa who also turns her hand to the accordion in the gag, which can be seen on FOX in the US during the opening credits for the latest episode on Sunday.

Chomet directed the Oscar-nominated The Ilusionist (Picture: Pathe) Chomet directed the Oscar-nominated The Ilusionist (Picture: Pathe)

Called Diggs, it stars Daniel Radcliffe as the titular character, a new…

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Funny Stuff: Chicken Identification Chart

Funny Stuff: Chicken Identification Chart
Image via Jennifer Farley – Laughing Lion Design

What can I say about this illustration by Jennifer Farley? It’s just a great idea and made me chuckle more than a little.

Here’s how Jennifer describes this drawing –

“In a bid to do my bit for city slickers who may be moving or visiting the countryside, (I am one of those), here is the illustrated Chicken Identification Chart.” – Jennifer Farley

Thanks to I Love Charts