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Cute Alert: 25 adorable animals drinking from baby bottles

This is for anybody who needs a smile today 🙂

“Human babies aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good bottle sesh. Bears, big cats, camels, pigs and even fish have been known to take food from a baby bottle.” – Angela Nelson

Source: 25 adorable animals drinking from baby bottles | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Animal-Lovers: Woman Flies Frog 500 Miles To Hospital After Running It Over With Mower

This story is for anyone who’s accidentally injured an animal and was ridden with feelings of guilt. A woman in Australia went to extreme measures to help a tiny frog she felt personally responsible for.

He is making a full recovery (Picture: Frog Safe, Inc)What would you do if you accidentally ran over a frog while mowing the lawn? Would you shrug and carry on, thinking it shouldn’t have been in your way? Take it into the shrubbery and cross your fingers it would get better? Or would you arrange for…

via Woman flies frog 500 miles to hospital after running it over with lawnmower — Metro