Wellness Tips: 21 Affirmations In 21 Days


Happy weekend everyone!

I spent part of this morning perusing the articles on Daily Cup of Yoga and found the one below to be especially thought-provoking.

Being honest, until very recently I never bought into the notion of affirmations as a legitimate tool for self-improvement.

However, now I’m gradually coming around to see how we can harness the power of our intentions to lead happier lives.

In the article linked below, Silvia Mordini offers her favorite daily affirmations to help us think positively about our situation, whatever it may be.

Looking for a quick, two-minute read loaded with good advice? If so, check out Silvia’s article and hit me up with your thoughts 🙂

“In Yogic philosophy, you become what you think, you create your own reality from the inside. That’s why we can upset ourselves just by entertaining demoralizing thoughts or catastrophizing what can go wrong.” – Silvia Mordini

Source: 21 Affirmations to Transform Your Life | Daily Cup of Yoga

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