Best of 2015: Amazing Drone Photos

Surge – Cape La Grand National Park (Photo: Kirk Hille/SkyPixel)

If you thought drones were only used by annoying teenagers to torment their neighbors you are so wrong.

Photographers around the world are using the devices to capture nature images, and the results are stunning.

Need proof?

A site called SkyPixel, which allows aerial photographers to share their work, has announced its “Best of 2015” list. This collection of drone photos shows the mind-boggling beauty of our planet, and it’s a must-see for nature-lovers.

Populus in the Fall (Photo: Hanbing Wang/SkyPixel)

I’ve included a pair of photos from the “Best of 2015” list here, and you can enjoy the full gallery via the link below (courtesy of Mother Nature Network).

Source: A drone took this photo? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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