Top 10 must see viral videos of the week: Wrecking Ball parody to Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo



Metro runs through the top 10 viral videos of the week, including a bizarre remake of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video featuring Nicolas Cage.

Other hits including an unorthodox angler using his hair as a fishing rod and a clumsy Romeo dropping his partner in a giant puddle.

But can anything top Jimmy Kimmel’s Twerking spoof? Find out below.

10. Cheeky cat

An oblivious canine had the wool pulled over his eyes when this cheeky cat decided to steal his food while pretending to be asleep.

9. Hair fishing

A US student took fishing to the extreme when he decided to attach a worm to his long locks. But is it real?

8. Skateboarding goat

Amazing skateboarding goat Happie spent hours training in various car parks in Fort Myers, Florida, on his way to becoming a world record holder.

[metro-video id=”1256987″ video=”″ image=”” expires=”01-01-2020″]

7. Romeo

A clumsy Romeo’s romantic…

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