Saul Goodman makes cameo in Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad parody


Jimmy Fallon has assumed the role of Walter White in a ‘Joking Bad’ sketch filled with Breaking Bad in-jokes, a cameo from Saul Goodman and appearances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

The monumental show was given an equally monumental 12-minute sketch, which sees the chat show host cooking up bad jokes instead of crystal meth.

Fallon, with a bald head and dress in Walt’s classic green shirt and jacket, enlists the help of the crooked lawyer when his material comes under suspicion, and provokes the ire of Cranston and Paul when they discover he is ‘taking over the Tonight Show’.

Review:Breaking Bad To’hajiilee saw Heisenberg outsmarted but not outgunned

Breaking Bad has been a popular source of parody, with The Colbert Report previously referencing it in a skit that saw Bryan Cranston disco dancing on roller skates.

A long-rumoured spin-off show centring around Goodman called Better Call Saul was

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