Bubble wrap bicycle: Where can we buy one?

Greatest improvement to bicycle design in a century!


Here’s one quirky invention we wouldn’t mind seeing on the next series of Dragons’ Den – let us introduce the bubble wrap bicycle.

While Deborah Meaden is unlikely to invest (unless Duncan Bannatyne shows some interest), Peter Jones would surely see the profit-making potential of this pop-tastic creation.

Offering cyclists a way to get from A to B in style, this unique product comes with its very own roll of bubble wrap attached to the bike’s front wheel.

As the rider pedals forward, popping as they go, the bundle unrolls on the ground to create a glistening carpet of satisfying bubble wrap.

The concept is the brainchild of American comedian Eric Buss who posted a clip of him riding the bubble wrap bike on YouTube.

‘But you’ve missed all those other bubbles,’ commented one bubble wrap obsessive. ‘You’ve got to get every single one.’

Another joked: ‘Quite inefficient. You’re not…

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