Lame duck set to waddle for first time after being given foot from 3D printer


There once was a limping duckling, with one foot all shrivelled and curved.

Now Buttercup will be able to waddle and dive for the first time – thanks to a prosthetic created by a 3D printer.

He was born with his left foot facing the wrong way, making it difficult to get around or swim properly.

But soon he’ll be fitting in with the other ducks at the pond after owner Mike Garey came up with a high-tech solution to his lameness. As the foot needs to be flexible, the usual plastics in 3D printing were not viable, so Mr Garey enlisted NovaCopy to create a mould for a silicone replacement.

‘Buttercup was in pain and had constant cuts and infections walking on the side of his foot,’ said Mr Garey, who runs Feathered Angels waterfowl sanctuary in Tennessee, USA.

‘After it was amputated, NovaCopy donated its services to aid…

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